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Mime Dispatch is fully integrated with the Sales Order and used to to create a delivery with packing notes and to pick reservations from stock.

When a new dispatch is to be made, the customer and sales order are selected from the drop down menu and the system creates a proposal completed with details.

Approved dispatch is further integrated to the invoice with detailed information when the invoice proposal is made.

Multiple dispatches can be made against one sales order and multiple dispatched details can be included into a single invoice.

A company that needs a tool to better manage their customer deliveries and invoices, will quickly find and adapt to the Mime Dispatch.

Transparent screens, easy-to-use menus and help to make the work done in a more efficient way.


  • Transparent screens, with color coding
  • Easy to use drop down menus
  • Shipping to a 3part company
  • Pick from multi locations for the same part number
  • Control against reservations in stock
  • Multiple dispatches against the same sales order
  • Multiple dispatches against the same invoice
  • Print preview to the printer and PDF.
  • Print in the same layout as sales orders and invoices.
  • Automatic suggestions from Sales Order
  • Editable menus:
  • Currency
  • Delivery Methods
  • Delivery terms
  • Payment terms
  • Language
  • Easy access to reports
dispatch packing note withdraw from store delivery terms shipment

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