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MRP (Material Requirement Planning) - an automated scheduling system that monitors and suggest what, how much and when an item or material must produce or buy.

By monitoring customer orders, production orders and simulations in master plan, material requirement is established with a depreciation when the inventory is not sufficient.

MRP is based on the level where the requirement is established and breaks down the product structure in the underlying levels with the necessary quantity. Then regard to the schedule of planned deliveries or work order to start to determine when the material must be available.

If no production order / purchase order has been put out and no quantity is expected in, the MRP make suggestions with quantity and date of when the product is needed and when orders must be started.

Manufacturing companies that uses Mime Enterprise and MRP planning process has greater performance with greater freedom to change the conditions of deliveries and keep track of the consequences this will have for both production and procurement..

MRP is one of the processes that make Mime Enterprise to an intelligent business system.


Ordering Methods expands the capabilities of MRP by providing advanced methods of how the proposals are to be calculated.

This means that it is now possible to use methods to achieve an economic optimum quantity of the MRP even considering the total cost of purchase to the capital costs of having quantity in stock.

MRP Material Requirement Planning

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