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In Mime Stock module the daily logistics flow in and out of stock is monitored. Together with Mime Product it forms the base platform in Mime.

All operational systems in Mime Enterprise - (sales orders, production orders and purchase order), are related at the part level.

Mime makes ensure that raw materials and components are picked to production orders and that partly finished and finished products are reported back when the order is completed - and that the reception / control and registration of purchase orders occurs in a simple way and finished goods are picked to shipment before shipping and billing.


  • Receive goods from the purchase orders
  • Control of receipt goods
  • Accept goods into store
  • Testimonials of receipts
  • Pick raw material to production orders
  • Input from the production orders
  • Not planned withdrawal from stock
  • Not planned input to stock
  • Dispatch and the bill material
  • Inventory Reports
  • Work in progress reports
  • No restriction in the number of locations
  • Easy access to reports
goods quality inventory goods in progress

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