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Mime Invoice is integrated with the Sales Order and Dispatch.

When a new order invoice is to be made, the necessary information from the sales order and shipping to fill out a proposal to invoice automatically. This contributes to the rapid management and increased security.
Mime Invoice contains 4 varieties:

  • Invoice from sales order and shipment
  • Credit Billing (all charges and discounts changes sign)
  • Proforma Invoice which has its own serial number
  • Manual invoice

Transparent screens, easy-to-use menus and help to make the work done in a more efficient way.


  • Transparent screens
  • Extensive use of drop down menus
  • Invoice Registry with Multi-Function Display of
  • Proposal for billing
  • Order Invoice
  • Credit Billing
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Manual invoice
  • Invoice History on customer cards
  • Unique serial number for Proforma Invoice
  • Print to printer and in PDF format
  • Currency control on trade lines with automatic exchange
  • Automatic proposals from the customer order / dispatch
  • Automatic denial of customer orders / dispatch
  • Discount on the entire bill and / or on individual rows
  • Retrieve prices from the customer's own price list
  • Easy access to transparent reports
invoice order invoice credit billing manual invoice

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