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Mime Production provides easier management of daily production and require minimal effort to put out and report back the results from the production orders.

The main plan is used simulate long-term production needs that MRP2 breaks down to each incoming part to be purchased and / or produced.

Production plan is visual and transparent with color coding, easy operation convert suggestions from MRP into production orders with a single click.

Production order includes both the operation list, material pick list and document list with barcodes.

When the production order is created, all operations to be conducted on the available capacity are automatically calculated.

When all the operations in the order is completed, the finished quantity is reported to stock.

Order ledge then show planned and actual costs divided between material cost, time cost, fixed costs and total.


  • Master plan
  • Automatic reservation of material in stock
  • Automatic scheduling of operations
  • Automatic calculation of the orders start / finish
  • Optional planning direction forward or back
  • Optional limited and unlimited capacity
  • Capacity Leveling
  • MRP * calculation of depreciation
  • Editable operation lists in orders
  • Operation Planning
  • Production documents with barcodes
  • Document Lists
  • Material Pick list
  • Reporting used hours for operations
  • Print to PDF and printer
  • Easy to access reports
  • Accrued time
  • Order Status
Manufacturing plan with automatic proposals from MRP planning - work order material requirement and MRPII manufacturing resource planning

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