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Mime System is an independent software vendor established in 1987 and has developed a number of technical / administrative solutions for customers in Norway and abroad.

Mime Enterprise - our main solution is an integrated ERP system for manufacturing businesses that contains all the key functions from customer orders are made in the sales module, through advanced planning, purchasing and production to delivery and billing.

We can help the company to achieve a better planning with greater precision, and higher performance with better capacity at all levels.

Contact us at:

+47 99 00 58 29

+47 76 96 01 75


We also custom-fit either based on the Mime Enterprise or in brand-new projects

We have long experience with several development tools and uses the latest technology in PowerBuilder to develop user-friendly clients with effective screens and familiar Windows technology.

Oracle is used as the central database and provides a own programming language - PLSQL, which we use to achieve advanced functionality where all the challenging tasks are performed centrally in the database.

Mime Enterprise is an integrated system that provides uniform rules for how things shall be done and will solve problems also when the company expands.

With our core technology MRP / MRPII developed in Oracle PLSQL, we can help the company to achieve much better view of their own future.

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