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Mime Enterprise is a windows-based business solution for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses and builds on Oracle database. Mime was started as a development project in 1998 in the company Natech after it became clear that the current system was outdated in many ways and also based on Ingres and the operating system from Digital ULTRIX that would not be continued.

Natech has many years experience in the production of complex mechanical and electronic products to offshore and defense and rely on a modern system to work effectively.

The management in Natech therefore in 1997 decided to examine the market to find vendor solution that could replace the current system. This resulted that 3 large manufacturers from SAP, Baan and IFS were invited to make a presentation. After many meetings with a thorough review of the business process, a recommendation was made for the board in December 1997.

Unfortunately, the Board chose not to invest in new systems based on the reasons that it was too costly. The company was therefore facing a critical issue which increased as the components began to fail in the "old" database server.

Then the IKT manager with strong IT background decided to look at the ability to reproduce the database model in a new and modern platform. The time was the button, and Oracle was selected partly because of experiences with the 3 vendors in addition to the language PL / SQL that appeared very transparent.

After a few weeks when the Oracle database was installed and operated functional, the data was successfully replicated from the old Ingres database over to Oracle.

In addition, an update of data was made to ensure that the database was consistent. So far everything was going well and partly in secret to avoid speculation - but it would prove that it was not so easy - as Natech had now the database including all data intact, but lacked all the features to get access to anything .

In addition to all screens, there were several processes that were made in the old system, including MRP, which was an important feature that calculated what would produce or buy based on a master plan. Products that are complex planned in several levels and, to be published as proposals for production and procurement. This is repeated at regular intervals all the time.

After the database was up and running, it was set in motion a thorough study of the core process around MRP to understand this enough to write a similar function.

With the help of skilled aides and thorough literature study, we could make a MRP calculation with the same data in both databases. After some testing, we had the summer of 1998 the same result as in the old system, but we felt that something might be wrong because the database from Oracle came up with results after only 7 minutes to 24 hours in the old system. We just had to ascertain that the new database from Oracle was so fast and that this will be the new life. Large cheers!

Now the move was set up to develop all the screens that are necessary for a modern Windows-based production. Mime has since been developed into a full business solution that is now also used by several companies.

Mime has been in use in Natech since 1998 except for a brief period in 2004 when then-general manager decided that Mime was replaced by Microsoft Axapta. After a few months went Natech over and the new owners come in.


On a meeting with the employees shortly after the new owner and chairman informed that Mime was back to the standing applause from the employees.

With the latest Mime Enterprise Natech now have full control of all logistics - from the Supply and Sales Order via MRP2 that automatically generate proposals for production and procurement - conduct further production orders, purchase orders, bill material , shipments and billing.

Mime Enterprise is equally well suited for manufacturing companies with simple, as well as complex products.

Mime The name comes from Norse mythology:

Mime was an adviser to Odin - king of the gods and knew many of the future while the name is short for Modular Intelligent Management of the Enterprise.

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