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What can we do for your company?

Mime Enterprise er et samlende system for bedre ytelse i bedriften

A normal installation of Mime Enterprise requires 1-2 business days. There must also be considered extra time to copy data from the previous system when it comes to large amounts of data.

New customers are offered free telephone support to the designated contact person for the first year.

We recommend a 1-week training in connection with the startup of the system and 1 week that refresh at a later date.

Mime Enterprise is based on a standard business process that will fit for most manufacturing companies. However, in some rare cases it may be necessary adaptations to the system.

Customers with a valid support agreement will have installed its own routine to download the latest version of the client software.

We also offer consulting and help to organize the internal procedures to achieve the best results in the introduction of the new system.

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