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Mime Enterprise 10 year
10 years ago since the development started.

Mime Enterprise in teaching program at Bachelor Business Administration - ERP systems at Narvik Technical University.

Mime Enterprise in Oracle Magazine ONE

Natech - a success story with Mime and Oracle.

NEW module
Planning and implementation of preventive maintenance to Mime.

Mime as the Innovator Edition for businesses starting up and in need of advanced product planning and simulation.

Mime ERP Hotel
We have established a special service where Mime can be demonstrated and tested.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) - Experience a significant streamlining and improve the business performance without having to staff a lot of planners.

Mime Enterprise provides advanced planning performance that are continually working for the company and monitors deliveries, work orders, purchasing, own resources and inventory.

The result is automatically completing purchase orders, work orders, packing notes and invoices that are implemented on the fly, freeing time for the manager.

Further gains achieved with a better and more accurate logistic flow of goods. Mime is not using the minimum inventory to alert when a product must produce or buy - rather than held its own stock plan continuously updated for each part number.

Stock plan keeps track of on hand requirement at a given time for each item in order to implement agreed and simulated deliveries.

This way, the need for purchasing and production are observed long before the goods must be in stock, which can help to reduce Cash Flow capital costs.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII)
In Mime Enterprise all the machinery and resources have their own capacity plan that are coated automatically from the work processes in work orders and proposals for work orders. This feature also known as detailed production planning results in that the business at all time have knowledge of What to do - When - and with Who.

Simulations of various future scenarios are achieved either by entering fictitious deliveries in the master plan or the sales module.

Detailed operation plans with all the remaining tasks to perform for each resource are easily retrieved.

Resource Planning calculates the schedule for start and finish for all operations, also start and finish at the order level for the work orders depending on the selected planning direction.
Select freely both finite and infinite capacity at the order level.

Order scheduling process

If the scheduled start for a work order are changed, the scheduled material needs will also shift automatically.

By investing in Mime Enterprise the company will achieve many gains that may affect the overall economic performance. With integrated planning systems that are constantly re - planning and able to answer questions about the future:

  • Which goods ? - Quantity? - make/ by?- - When? - Finished? - Cash flow ?
  • What to do? - Who will perform? - Start? - Capacity? - When? - Finish?

The company is free to manufacture and store when the raw material and spare capacity is available either to achieve better efficiency or to take advantage of an available capacity of that resource.

Mime ERP is a unifying solution for better performance

Mime Enterprise is a unifying and complete system for managing the entire company.

All functions for planning and carrying out deliveries are closely integrated with faster and better communication between both the individual features of Mime, and internally between the responsible departments, which will contributes to more efficiency.

Mime ERP modules

From the moment a sales order is created in the customer module, the consequences for the company are planned and taken care of.

Commodities that are in the depreciation in relation to the agreed delivery automatically creates as proposals in production planning and procurement plan in the right quantity and the right time of need.

Mime Enterprise is also a very flexible system where self-manufactured goods, can be manufactured from a single commodity - and advanced products for assembly, which consists of product structures in many levels (BOM).

Build Of Material (BOM)
With BOM, products with many details can organize in levels and manufactured or purchased for stock independently.

All BOM are monitored continuously by the MRP that generates proposals for manufacturing or procurement if there is depreciation to supply higher up the structure.

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