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Mime Enterprise is a business system that is specially designed for manufacturing and to those businesses who want better texture, better and fewer errors in their business processes.

This means more and better features in the planning and execution of own supplies, procurement and production.

To achieve growth and increased productivity, higher requirements must be set for the business own precision to utilize the resources better. With Mime Enterprise the business will achieve this.

The requirement for better documentation and traceability will also increase both from own business and not least from the customers.

From customer - to customer

By handle all the activities from the customer comes with the order, through inventory, purchasing and production of goods delivered tested and approved, the company appears in a professional manner that invites customers to come back.

Robust technology

Mime Enterprise is built on Oracle - the world leader in the database, a conscious choice on our part to achieve security and scalability for which the business is growing, but with technology that constantly front at the top level.

Oracle offers a number of opportunities to achieve data with other tools with respect to reporting and reporting.

Easy to use

MIME Enterprise has an easy to use interface, which makes the system both fast and efficient in use. The main menu can also be customized to the different users to restrict access to the areas that are relevant, making the system becomes more transparent for the user.

Currency Management

Mime has full currency management where the goods automatically converts from internal local currency to the desired currency in sales orders and purchase orders.


Mime can be delivered in modules with the lowest threshold for companies that do not want to adopt all the functionality that is the total package.

All modules are closely integrated to form together a complete ERP system that handles both internal and external logistics in a simple way - more advanced planning systems and an advanced production management.

erp modules sales purchase manufacturing calculation mrp inventory invoice


The Sales module include maintenance of customers, contacts, customer history and customer orders and customer defined price lists. Customer Order is the first step in logistics where the goods either allocates automatically or forwards to the MRP to be published as proposals for production order / purchase order.


Purchasing module consists of supplier, purchase orders, purchase history and supplier precision report. In addition, most drop down menus can be maintained. Purchase of raw materials and components in their products are made in the purchase order, in addition buy goods that should not be recognized stock.

The MRP will publish the requirements as proposed goods and how much to buy and when to deliver the goods. When a purchase order is printed it will also be posted in Due to Receive Goods under the stock module.


Both simple and complex product structures are created and maintained easily within a separate graphic tools. In a structure, changes in the lower level automatically apply to all locations where the structure are included.

With the same ease, work process are created including the operation details which then connects to the resource or the machine who shall perform the task. All resources have capacity/ load plan that is updated automatically by MRPII.


Monitor daily maintenance and logistic flow in and out of stock. Raw material / components are picked to the production orders - and the finished results are reported back when the order is complete. Make all the receives from production orders, control and the receive from purchase orders with ease. Finally pick the finished goods at the customer orders to shipment for delivery and billing.


Components to be picked for a customer order or a production order is always reserved and "earmarked" completely automatic - if inventory permits.

If not, the short quantity are transferred to the MRP that will dissolve any product structure and calculate the necessary quantity and publish the net requirement as proposals for purchase or production.


Mime is optimized for planning and executing own production and contains a number of tools to simplify work in everyday life.

Production proposal from MRP converts easily to production orders included with the operation lists, material pick lists and document lists. Submit actual time and finished quantity on the work orders in a user friendly screen.


MRP - Material Requirement Planning, is an automated scheduling system that continuously monitors the material needed for the deliveries, master plan and production orders, and together with the stock on hand quantity and commodities that are expected from the supplier or from own production, suggests the goods that must be produced or purchased so that the Scheduled deliveries and production orders at higher level can be done.


MRPII - Manufacturing Resource Planning, is an automated scheduling system that continuously calculates the times when the production orders have to start or will finish based on the remaining quantity, work process and capacity within the resources to carry out operations.

By breaking down the process into individual operations and assess the capacity of each resource, the order is calculated and the load plan for the resource is updated.

The system is flexible in use and can plan both forward and backward in time - in addition to use both limited and unlimited capacity of resources.

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