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Innovator program

Some of the hallmarks of an entrepreneur is little capital, minimize the potential involved, major focus on their own product, low hours a day, and perhaps less knowledge about the industrialization of production and procurement.

As the product develops and the technological challenges are solved the need for suppliers, prices, manufacturing methods, supply chain and simulation of the quantity will be new focus areas.

To meet many of the innovator needs, we want to provide Mime Enterprise divided in modules as a program developed together with the innovator company from an early stage of development where product development is still in focus and needs to start planning an industrialization in which the product composition , Processes, calculated, suppliers, e.g. receive a greater focus.

Mime Enterprise start pack includes:

  • Product planning
  • Product structures BOM
  • Calculation monitoring
  • Process planning
  • Documen control
  • Vendor planning
  • Currency control
  • Simulation
  • MRP planning
  • Easy to use
  • Low investment
  • Fast implementation

The start package contains the full MRP planning with the master plan to simulate how different needs and market scenarios affect the logistics process.

The innovator can from this point in time of need and desire freely decide whether and when the modules purchasing, inventory, production, shipping and billing is being implemented.

With such a program the innovator will achieve lowest possible investment in a period where capital is scarce while the risk is low.

The innovator achieve a tool that contains the most important features that covers the stage he is in with the full focus on product and product planning.

At the same time, confidence are achieved in that work that is being done in the planning phase is not wasted, but can be used directly by industrialization in their own production company or purchasing from suppliers or a combination of both.

Start pack for the Innovator

Only 10.000,- Euro

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