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Purchasing module in the Mime is a powerful tool that can be used both to make automatic purchases of raw materials and components with suggestions from the system's automated process planning (MRP).

In addition, all the purchases of supplies and maintenance items that are used outside of normal production and therefore not recognized by the MRP. The procurement system can also be used to purchase items that should not be recognized stock..

Purchasing delivery terms are maintained in a separate library and selected directly into the purchase order from the drop down menu.

Mime Purchasing is both simple and smart in use in that it uses pre-defined data from suppliers and parts properties.

The system is flexible and allows maintaining of the most important drop down menus.


  • Transparent screens
  • Easy to use - drop down menus
  • Vendors Registry
  • Procurement Order Registry
  • Delivery Terms
  • Delivery Options
  • Order to the printer and PDF
  • Editable terms library
  • Full currency management
  • Automatic proposals from MRP
  • Drag & drop directly to the purchase order
  • Editable menus:
  • Currency
  • Delivery Methods
  • Delivery terms
  • Payment terms
  • Language
  • Easy access to reports
purchase with automatic proposals from MRP planning and automatic currency management

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