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MIME Service and Maintenance

Mime Service includes advanced features that will allow the company can better plan and implement preventive service and maintenance through user-defined service variations with an interval-based cycle. Random repairs will be directly in the system.

Mime Service is easy to deploy and service plans will immediate generate service object that is defined with the service type and range. The planning operator confirms that the proposal from the SRP will convert to an service order that can be picked from stock and posted on the hour.

By defining materials to be used for a service with the work process are you only a keystroke from issuing orders complete with automatic picking from the stock of the current service object and type of service, which will repeat itself each time a proposal from the SRP appears in calendar.

Purchase plan.
A number of reports are available both for those who plan and execute service and maintenance and the budget manager to follow the financial pages. A full installation will give the company a complete overview of all maintenance to be carried out together with the ongoing maintenance performed and documented.


  • Easy to use with transparent screens
  • Extensive use of drop down menus
  • Maintenance Requirement monitor with proposals from SRP
  • Purchase Requirement planning with MRP
  • Automatic reservation of the material to service orders
  • Service Order with materials and work process
  • Editable operation lists in service order
  • Automatic material picking from stock
  • Maintenance history per object and total
  • Accrued and expected costs
  • User defined service types
  • Random repairs
  • Print to printer and in PDF format
  • Transparent reports
  • Integrated with Inventory, Purchase Management, Product Management and MRP
  • Supplied as a plug-in module to Mime Enterprise

Load plans
Operation list is the basis for automatically generated load plans for each of the resources or gang to carry out maintenance.

These are used as a basis for the dimensioning of the resources to perform maintenance along with procurement plans for each maintenance item and total.

SRP based monitoring
Mime Service contains SRP (Service Requirement Planning) - a process that continuously monitors all service objects and suggest when a service should be carried out based on the type of service and time in calendar hours.

MRP based monitoring
Tight integration with the other modules in Mime allows a further optimization with the MRP (Material Requirement Planning) and procurement system that will monitor the materials to be used in the service plan and then add the net requirements needed in the form of new procurement proposal.

In addition, all purchase orders that are confirmed and placed in order are monitored in terms of delivery if this will change. The company can also be prepared for fluctuations in deliveries by defining safety stock for minimum inventory.

Service plan with automatic proposals service order material requirement

Maintenance represents a major cost to many companies and a better planning and implementation can mean significant savings in addition to the maintenance objects ensured the maintenance that is required for the guarantees and the like.

By using Mime Service with Product, Stock, Purchasing and MRP the company will be well secured for the future.

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