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Product is the core of mime where the properties of all products are maintained.

In the Product module a graphic structure builder is used to create and maintain the product structure (BOM). In addition, work process and the documents needed to build it are maintained.

Other property sheet is used to maintain locations and definitions for inventory, pricing and currency which is used in both the Sales and Purchase Module.

The various property sheets is selected with a single click on the button row of the multi-function image. This ensures that the maintenance is performed in a simple and effective way.

Mime Product also includes regular reports which is selected in the same way, among other things, MRP proposals, calculations, cost roll, order history, reservations and more.

All products are organized in product accounts together with related raw materials and components to provide better and easier reporting related to each product.


  • Pre Definitions and parameters
  • Maintenance of stock locations
  • Maintenance of work processes
  • Maintenance of product structures (BOM)
  • Calculation of fabric cost at all levels
  • Maintenance of price and currency
  • Maintenance of production documents
  • Maintenance of production MRP parameters
  • Reservations from "above" in the structure
  • Proposals and net requirements from MRP
  • Order History
  • Purchase Definitions
  • East to access reports

Product planning with Build Of Material BOM product structure multilevel automatic manufacturing cost roll calculation work process mrp simulation

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